Beatmakers Hong Kong 交流會Vol.2 w/ Ableton Push tryout

Beatmakers Hong Kong 交流會Vol.2 w/ Ableton Push tryout

Beatmakers Hong Kong 交流會Vol.2 w/ Ableton Push tryout

Full House Venue 場地租用

Sunday, 24 September 2017, 04:30

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一個俾所有創作人分享的交流平台,無論你係arm arm開始創作定係有興趣多D了解電子作曲/ DJ controller,愛好音樂的你地都可以來參加。

呢個吾係一個嚴肅的活動,泥嘅目的可以係愛好音樂,認識朋友/ 傾吓音樂,來聽吓都得,無限制話泥就一定要分享。活動完全免費可以自己帶野食野飲~

現場會有喇叭,筆電,big screen,projector
所以大家可以帶usb或soundcloud link或者自己帶電腦/controller機器泥分享自已嘅work flow &作品。

今次活動亦會俾大家試用ableton push 創作

要分享的你 請先 private message ASJ / send email到: h[email protected] 咁就可以排次序啦~!

This is a platform for beginners/ artists/ beatmakers/djs to share ideas, to connect people with the same interest by sharing music project/ process.

We will have speakers, projector, laptop provided. So for people who wanna share ur full projects/ half done tracks/ producing techniques you find interesting/ songs that inspires you etc. Could simply have your usb or link prepared and you're good to go! :> But if you don't mind sharing your raw project, just in case if we are using different DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) ,the best would be bringing your own laptop. :>

Please email to: [email protected] if you want to share that day, so that we will have a better count on the number of people. Thank you!

Everyone is welcome to this event! No matter if you are a beginner or not, if you are curious and want to learn something new just hops in!

inspired by Beatmakers Taipei :)

Full House Venue 場地租用

尖沙咀 金巴利道35號 金巴利中心, HKG Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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