Little Tokyo Cosplay Day!

Little Tokyo Cosplay Day!

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Little Tokyo Cosplay Day!

Little Tokyo

Saturday, 24 February 2018, 13:00

Event Description

I'll be hosting a free cosplay day at Little Tokyo's Weller Court on February 24th, 2018. Invite all your friends, bring games, bring food! Cosplayers, Photographers, and anime fans alike are all welcome!

We'll get some games like Card Against Humanity, some music, and we can all kick it and eat ramen, take photos, meet other peeps. It'll be rad!

Please keep in mind that Little Tokyo is a residency area. Please do not disrupt the local businesses and passer-by's. Otherwise I will not hold another one of these. Come to have fun, no drama!

If at any time anyone makes you uncomfortable please seek me out. This is intended to be a SAFE environment. Anyone making it anything but will be asked to leave.

Do ya thing! Follow the same rules you follow at a con. Realistic props are not permitted, and the local security may request at any time that you return your prop to your car. Just be careful. Use the buddy system!

Please ask permission prior to shooting a cosplayer! You're welcome to shoot as you please so long as you have permission from the cosplayer. Please don't make weird request. Some attendees will be underage, so keep that in mind.

I intend for this to be a KID FRIENDLY environment, but I do encourage parents of younger attendees to pleeeeease stay with your child. It's the middle of Los Angeles, and while Little Tokyo is relatively safe in my opinion... can never be too careful!

Event Place

Little Tokyo

, Los Angeles, United States

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