The Virtual Reality Ball

The Virtual Reality Ball

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The Virtual Reality Ball

YOTEL New York

Saturday, 25 March 2017, 16:00

Event Description

Legendary Overall God Mother Daphne Gabbana, Deion 007, and NYC Prince Iggy AriZona Present :
The Virtual Reality Ball

Mc: Precious Old Navy
Dj: Belinda Juicy Couture

1) Performance as a house‼️‼️ $500 + 3 foot trophy

Creatures known as the Heartless have invaded Destiny island and your squad has been chosen to help fight against the invasion. As a team of 3-5 bring it as the characters in the Kingdom Hearts game series and claim victory over all that step in your path

2) Testing as a House $300 and a Room at Yotel - Take Your Throne

Your house has been challenged to out test the other houses in this virtual world. Spread the word to make sure your members KNOW THEIR STATUS! The more of you that know know, the greater your chances are of winning the grand prize!

Contact victor hogue at 212-477-8534 to get started!!

Testing times: 9am - 7pm Monday and Thursday
9am - 5pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

Location: Ryan Health Center (645 10th avenue, New York, New York)

3) OTA performance $300
3 trophies

Welcome to the Battle ZONE .

Only One Man Or Women Standing .

You've Just Entered A Portal Of A New World . You have to let the judges know what world you're from and then show them why you're the baddest from your universe! Bring it as a character from either the dc universe or the mortal kombat game and show us why you are the top bitch from your world ..

Vf Vs Vf
Twist vs twist
Ff vs ff

Last one standing from each will battle for the cash 😇

4) Ota REALNESS $100

You Have Just Entered Sports Mania ...

FF - show these females you're the best tennis player on the map . Bring it in a tennis player effect.

MF - let the boys know who is the king of this court. Bring it in a basketball player effect straight out of the 2k basketball game series.

5) Fashion $100

- Welcome To The World Of Mario Bros

MF: Look at me it's Mario!! Bring it in a fashionable creative Mario Look .. show us you have what it takes to save princess peach

FF - Bring It Like a Fashionable Princess Peach And let Mario know what he is saving with your fashion (Everything is not about a dress ) ......don't forget your crown . And your color is PINK

6) Runway $100


You've just entered a world where evil is in power and you been called fourth to save the day . Bring it like one of the looks from bayonetta . And show us you got what it takes to beat evil with your nasty strut

7) Face $100

- Alice madness returns
Madness has swept the land and everyone is claiming that they are the new Alice
FF : Come in a apron and prove to us that you're the new Alice with your fawless face. Don't forget your knife to kill off the phonies!

MF : Bring it as The Mad Hatter . Show the judges what your beautiful Looks Behind that green Face .. DONT FORGET YOUR HAT ☺️

8) $100 commentator vs commentator - the DLC (Downloadable Content)

Tonight is your night to show why you need to be downloaded into our game station. Bring it in a t-shirt with your favorite game character and a nasty commentation that has their name in it. Your judges are the crowd!

The winner gets to join Precious in commentating the ball.

Event Place

YOTEL New York

570 Tenth Avenue, 10036 New York, United States

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