2017 Seattle Vampire Pub Crawl

2017 Seattle Vampire Pub Crawl

Event Details

2017 Seattle Vampire Pub Crawl

Seattle, WA, United States

Saturday, 20 May 2017, 18:00

Event Description

This event is 21+, will be a bar hopping type event. Maybe next year we can do a family friendly one with enough interest.

Official team:
Project Manager - Oliver Klozov
Photographer 1 - Joe Teeples
Fang Prosthetic Maker - Victor Moray
*Contact Victor at 206 459 9220 and mention the vampire walk to receive $10 off your custom fangs! *
Poster Design - Cat Kabob Collective

-trade you for advertising

-street team/promo
-sfx makeup
-safety (harm reduction)
-first aid (EMT, nurses, and/or doctors preferred)
--volunteers get a free wristband for participation

-goth stuff

More info coming soon!

Event Place

Seattle, WA, United States

, Seattle, United States

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