Coqueto Speed Dating (Ages 40-49)

Coqueto Speed Dating (Ages 40-49)

Event Details

Coqueto Speed Dating (Ages 40-49)

Kuleto's Cocktail Bar

Thursday, 15 February 2018, 19:00

Event Description

Coqueto provides a stylish yet casual and relaxing atmosphere to the Speed Dating world.

Many people are growing tired of the online dating scene as it's time consuming chatting to people behind a phone or keyboard who you don't even know if you will connect with them in person if they are indeed real in the first place. Many yet also find the traditional way of meeting new people in a bar or club awkward if they don't have the courage to go and strike up a conversation with a complete stranger who may or may not be single.

That is where the concept of Speed Dating is different as it is a fun, easy and exiting way for you to meet many new and interesting singles in your area in a short amount of time. Everyone at the Speed Dating event is there to meet new people so they all have the same basic goal so the level or awkwardness and nerves should be less. You get to meet people face to face and talk and listen to them like normal real people rather than looking at and reading an online profile of someone who may or may not be who they say they are.

Get up to 20 mini dates in less than 2 hours with interesting people to see if you form a good first impression of someone and determine if there is any chemistry.

Your ticket includes:

* Entry into our exclusive event

* Complimentary glass of beer, wine or champagne

* Complimentary selection of nibblies from our cheese board

* Up to 20 mini dates

* Exclusive use of the private area to mingle after the event

For more information and frequently asked questions please visit our website at

Event Place

Kuleto's Cocktail Bar

157 King Street, 2042 Newtown, Australia

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