Kahuku Monthly Beach Cleanup (December)

Kahuku Monthly Beach Cleanup (December)

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Kahuku Monthly Beach Cleanup (December)

Kahuku Golf Course Beach

Saturday, 16 December 2017, 09:00

Event Description

Please join us for our monthly Kahuku Golf Course Beach Park cleanup! Kahuku Beach, also known as Oahu's dirtiest beach, is in dire need of our help from being overrun with trash and microplastics. As of our August cleanup, our volunteers have collected 13,093 lbs of marine debris, microplastics and trash from this beach in 2017. Many thanks to all of our volunteers that continuously make the effort to keep this beach clean. September's cover photo (courtesy Joy Ibarra) are our Co-host Imma and dedicated volunteer Dao Vela hauling some washed up netting found during our August cleanup. Please join us if you're able to help!

Please bring:
Your own waterbottle
Sun protection

Trash bags and gloves can be provided. I'll also be bringing:
High powered magnet for bonfire remnants
Sifting nets for microplastics

Let us know if you'll be able to help out. The larger the group, the more supplies will be needed.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, here is the location of the Golf Course parking lot. From the lot, you can walk down the road with the yellow gate and it will lead you to the area with the most trash.


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Kahuku Golf Course Beach

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