Monkey Brothers at Cocoon Pattaya

Monkey Brothers at Cocoon Pattaya

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Monkey Brothers at Cocoon Pattaya

Cocoon Pattaya

Saturday, 20 January 2018, 21:00

Event Description

Monkey Brothers.

Their productions have a characteristic attitude, a mix of obscure textures and deep bases designed for the dance floor. Structured and groovy sounds blend with techno and house influences.

After their first release in 2008 for REGULAR Label, Monkey Brothers performed live sets at several important clubs around Europe.

Monkey Brothers also had releases with REGULAR, Hidden Recordings, Catalityc, as well as remixes from AlexKid, Pier Bucci, Pablo Bolivar, Darren Price, and Daniel Dreier.

In 2012, they created PARALLEL Label, signing their own releases, and other artists such as Pablo Bolivar, Omer Grinker, Alejandro Vivanco, Mecanica, and more.

2008 “Panico Escenico” EP (Regular) Minimal sounds of Techno.
2009 “ Signos” EP (Regular) Remix of Deepak Sharma.
2009 “ Manuela” (Hidden Recordings)
2010 “The End of the Day” 12" (Regular). Remix Darren Price and Pier Bucci
2011 ”Somebody” EP (Catalytic). Remix Alex Kid
2011 “Trains” EP (Regular). Remix Alland Byallo and Daniel Dreier & RifRaf
2012 "The Great Opposite" 12". Remixes by Alejandro Vivanco and Pablo Bolivar
2013 Ëlectronic Caffe¨(Parallel)
2014: Golden Fish¨(Parallel)
2014:Once upon a time (Parallel)
2015: The singing Bone (Parallel)
2015: Facades (Parallel)
2016: Alone (Parallel)
2016: Where Angels Rest (Fingers Crossed)
2009 “Looking for a shape” with Pablo Bolivar (Remix Monkey Brothers)
2009 “Criminal” Citizen Kain & Jaumetic ( Remix Monkey Brothers)
2010 SBN feat Frederique Bajart – Ilusao for Catalytic (Remix Monkey Brothers )
2010 Bright Place Remix for Human Resources. ( Remix Monkey Brothers )
2012 ¨North¨(Mathias Korr) Society 3.0
2013 ¨Kick it¨ (Gimmick records)
2013 ¨Under Water¨12” Omer Grinker (Parallel)
2013 ¨Seven Suns¨DAR

Event Place

Cocoon Pattaya

Walking Street Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat, Chon Buri 20150 Pattaya, Thailand

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