Serpentine Studies :: JULY 4 Day Intensive :: Portugal

Serpentine Studies :: JULY 4 Day Intensive :: Portugal

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Serpentine Studies :: JULY 4 Day Intensive :: Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Friday, 13 July 2018, 10:00

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Four day deep dive into the Serpentine Studies methodology : a new approach to learning tribal fusion belly dance.

(Full description of 'Serpentine Studies' available in the group:

Tuning your body instrument and restoring your body to its original blueprint, allowing for great range of motion and depth of movement.

In most dance classes the biggest focus is technique and steps - in Serpentine Studies we start with the body. Not every Maya or undulation is equal; by having a deep understanding of our body mechanics, and dancing at the level of fascia (connective tissue) instead of muscle, we reach whole new levels of depth and mastery. Body mechanics are explained with actual anatomical props to activate deeper understanding!

In Serpentine Body you will learn all about fascia and why its so essential, receive hands-on tools to start making your fascia more supple and healthy, and start to experience for yourself how fascia is responsible for that gooey gliding effect AND hard striking effects! Serpentine body also includes unique stretching techniques that make for painless deep stretching, and several flow like serpentine routines that combines deep stretching and drilling of foundational movements for when you are short on time and want to keep your technique on point.

Learn how to be your own teacher and personal trainer by hacking the skill building process, learning how to train effectively (train smarter not harder), how to set a training program that covers all your goals (and you'll happily stick to!), and how to 'download' a movement into your body and keep it there!

Serpentine studies also includes ready-to-use serpentine drills you can use at home to optimize your training time by drilling all the foundational moves in flowing sequences that are not only fun - they really tie together your vocabulary and are the bridge between drilling and dancing! We will also go over how to create your OWN drill flow sequences, to keep your training fresh and tailored to your specific goals and style.

A lot of my dance is based on 'special effects' that I haven't been taught in the traditional tribal fusion circles, but learnt from the hiphop community; it is these special effects that make for the ultimate 'serpentine' look. On this day we will do a quick study on actual serpents and their wide variety of signature movements (warping, charging, coiling, and more), and how embody these effects.

Creative exercises that teach you how to incorporate other dance styles (like contemporary, temple, dancehall, and hiphop) into your belly dance, where to access a greater movement vocabulary, and even how to start creating your own signature movements, pathways, and combinations!


Every day includes plenty of theory - and even more drilling. By the time of the intensive you should be capable of moving about 3 hours a day. More details & location will be communicated with registered participants.

- Optimizing your body vessel, restoring natural flexibility for great range of motion and more depth in your movement
- No more guesswork and wasted time: learn how make proper training routines for fast skill building!
- Serpentine drills & vocabulary: moves and drill routines to quickly achieve that serpentine look, both slinky and sharp!
- Revolutionize your belly dance with 'special effects'
- Activate your dance artistry with a plethora of guided exercises to make for a more unique and versatile expression!

- JULY 13, 14, 15, 16 from 10-14:30
- 4 hours instruction daily, 30 minute break
- €225 workshop, €50 non refundable deposit to save your spot (food and accommodation is not included)
- 15 student limit
- any level welcome, required to have basic understanding of foundation moves (think maya, snake arms, chest circle, etc)

Please email me at [email protected] to secure your spot!

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As a nomadic spirit Imaya travels the world devoting her life to study, perform, and teach her unique interpretation of one of the worlds oldest art forms; belly dance. She's studied with some of today's most talented dancers such as Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, and Odissi Guru Vishnu Tattva Das. She is Rachel Brice 8 elements Level 1 + DanceCraft Key of Diamonds (Zoe Jakes Format) certified. Most recently she's birthed a new approach to dance studying; Serpentine Studies; which aims to restore the original blueprint of the body vessel and accelerate the embodiment of movement through mindfulness techniques.




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Lisbon, Portugal

, Lisbon, Portugal

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