Joan Cornellà: A Hong Kong Themed Solo Exhibition (6-21 May)

Joan Cornellà: A Hong Kong Themed Solo Exhibition (6-21 May)

Joan Cornellà: A Hong Kong Themed Solo Exhibition (6-21 May)

Space 27 HK

Saturday, 6 May 2017, 11:00

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Factotum Productions & Gallery 27 Present:
Joan Cornellà: A Hong Kong Themed Solo Exhibition.
Dates: 6th - 21st May 2017
Time: 11:00 - 21:00
Venue: Space 27 HK
Tickets price: $50
Tickets available at:

(To avoid last show's long queues and waiting times we have tripled exhibition space area, extended the number of days and set-up a pre-sale ticket system distributed by hour slots. Choose the date and time you wish to attend and buy in advance so as to assure your access to the show as there are a limited amount of tickets on sale x hour and day).

Joan Cornellà has taken a month-long stay in Hong Kong during the whole of January 2017. During this time he has been navigating and investigating the city by partying (hard) and working (soft), trying to absorb and digest its essence. This tenure has given him a chance to explore and reflect about Hong Kong. In line with the naïve (.) and satirical nature of his works, Cornellà unveils the carpet covering the city so as to allow us to see what is underneath, he sheds light to the shit, all inundated with the artist’s unique disquieting humour.

Gallery 27 and Factotum Productions are pleased to jointly present this solo exhibition from 6th to 21st of May 2017 by the Barcelona-born cartoonist. It is the artist’s 2nd exhibition in Hong Kong since his massively-successful debut show last year, and for the first time he is presenting a series of new works inspired by the city.

By taking part in this exhibition as exhibition partner, Gallery 27 brings along the expertise of organising local and regional art and design exhibitions for this project, by providing comprehensive support from curatorial advice to event operations and merchandise production.

A total number of 38 of yet un-exhibited works will be presented at the show, alongside a totally unseen set of limited edition prints and a series of his latest merchandise items, all available for purchase during the 3-week exhibition. Founder of Gallery 27, Alan Chan 陳幼堅 will be co-developing an object-based exhibit with the artist specially for the Hong Kong exhibition.

About Joan Cornellà

Joan Cornellà Vázquez (born 11 January 1981, Barcelona) is a cartoonist and illustrator famous for his unsettling, surreal humor and black humorous comic strips as well as artwork.
Cornellà’s work has often been described as disturbing or flat-out offensive. Through simplistic visual language, he is able to use satire to comment on the sinister and often bleak side of human nature through a myriad of unconventional scenarios. Everything from our unnatural connection to social media and masturbatory selfie culture to political topics such as abortion, addiction and gender issues - no subject is off limits. Cornellà’s work revels in its absurdity and impropriety.

Upon first glance, Cornellà’s work seems light-hearted and playful, his figures all share a generic blank smile and bright cheery color palette (akin to 1950’s advertising or Airline safety pamphlets) Upon further inspection however, the overwhelming morbidness and unnerving nature shines through with unparalleled force. Black comedy, at it’s core, is about satirizing subjects that are traditionally prohibited, things that are seen as too sacred or off limits. Cornellà pokes fun at such topics and cuts to their core with gags and minimal visual clues, illustrating scenes of cannibalism, infanticide, deification, murder, suicide and amputation (used most frequently). While some feel affronted by his work, many connect over it, laughing and feeling bad for laughing all at the same time.
Thought-provoking, honest and incredibly entertaining, Cornellà's work is truly sincere and holds real potency in its message, even when disguised through blatant humor. In the artist’s own words: “I think we all laugh at misery. We must start from the idea that when we laugh, we laugh at someone or something. With empathy or not, there is always some degree of cruelty. In spite of that, I am aware that if one of my cartoons happened in real life I would not laugh at all”.

In September 2016 Chicago-based alternative band Wilco released its tenth studio album, Schmilco, for which Joan designed the cover.


>>>> 展覽資訊 <<<<
Factotum Productions 及 Gallery 27 呈獻:
Joan Cornellà: 香港主題個人展
時間:11:00 – 21:00
場地:Space 27 HK


Joan Cornellà整個一月逗留香港,留港期間(大大力)玩樂及(輕輕力)工作, 以暢遊及探索此地,嘗試吸收及消化其精華。該段時間令佢有機會去發掘及深思依片土地。憑住一如既往幼稚 (..) 又具諷刺性嘅作品風格,Cornellà揭開覆蓋響依個城市嘅面紗,俾大家有機會睇清面紗下嘅真面目;作品影射出牛鬼蛇神,一切都充滿藝術家獨特而令人不安嘅幽默感。

Gallery 27 及 Factotum Productions非常榮幸聯手呈獻是次展覽,由2017年5月6號至21號期間舉行。有見去年香港出道展覽大收旺場,依位巴塞隆拿出生嘅漫畫家再度來港舉行個人展,今次更將會係佢首度展出一系列自我城吸收靈感嘅全新作品。

以合作伙伴身份參與是次盛事,Gallery 27帶來貼地嘅本土美術及設計展覽籌辦專業知識,又提供大量支援,響策展及商品發售方面提供實際建議。

今次展覽內容將會有合共38份從未展出嘅作品,更有從未曝光嘅限量畫作以及一系列畫家最新商品,全部可以響為期三星期嘅展覽期間現場入手。Gallery 27 創辦人 —— Alan Chan 陳幼堅 將會與畫家攜手合作,為是次香港展覽創作帶來著重實體作品之展出內容。

關於 Joan Cornellà

Joan Cornellà Vázque(出生於1981年1月11日,巴塞隆拿)作為卡通畫家及插畫家,作品風格詭異,令人不安之餘又充滿黑色幽默,因而聲名大噪。


乍見之下,Cornellà作品似乎無憂無慮又好玩,作品中所有人物嘅表情都只得千篇一律空洞笑容再配合鮮亮愉快嘅用色(類似1950年代流行廣告,又或者喺航空公司安全小冊子)。但當你仔細一睇,就會發現箇中充斥住病態,以及伴隨令人不安嘅光線而來嘅不可抗力。從根本而言,黑色幽默通常用作諷刺不合時宜嘅禁忌,或者被視為恐怖甚至超越常人底線嘅事物。Cornellà嘲侃此等議題,以笑話、最簡潔嘅視覺畫面直接插入其核心內圍 ,作品中充滿人食人、殺嬰、造神、謀殺、自殺以及截肢(最為頻繁使用)。當有人睇完Cornellà嘅作品後感到受冒犯,同一時間有更多人忍俊不禁,大笑過後又會為之而情緒低落。



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