Milonga N ~ DJ Alfredo Melendez from New York

Milonga N ~ DJ Alfredo Melendez from New York

Milonga N ~ DJ Alfredo Melendez from New York

DanzStage Hong Kong

Monday, 22 May 2017, 21:30

Event Details

Milonga N -- With 1 Nuevo tanda per hour

Guest DJ: Alfredo Melendez
New York

09:30pm - 1:00am

DJ Profile:
Alfredo Melendez has been a figure as an instructor and DJ in the New York City Argentine Tango scene for almost 15 years. He has DJ'ed regularly at multiple milongas in NYC like the famous All Night Milonga, Mala Leche, and more. He has worked at fusion and at national blues events conducting the tango portions of evenings.
Furthermore, Alfredo has been performing, teaching, and competing partner dancing for almost 15 years. With Argentine tango as a primary focus, he has worked with several international renown performers in New York City and Buenos Aires, and has even demonstrated at the world famous La Viruta in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
His joy is in imparting the knowledge he has gained and sharing his love of the beauty of partner dancing. He specializes in the power of connection and musicality between partners. He understands that there is a very important triangle in dancing: yourself, your partner, and the music.

Entrance: HK$120 with free drinks & snacks!

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