Women's Healer Training

Women's Healer Training

Women's Healer Training

Londres, Costa Rica

Friday, 24 March 2017, 11:00

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Calling all Sacred Women!
You are invited to Posada Natura for three days of intensive training in cultivating your sacred feminine power.
This training will be conducted by aunthentic Peruvian Magical Medicine Woman, Danitza–Pillpintu Sonqo Kuychi.
You will learn to cultivate the power of your womb, ignite your innate intuitive powers through the practice of aligning your chakras, gemstone healing, color therapy, dowsing rods, egg medicine, native jungle plant medicine, women's circle cermemonies and the integration of these techniques into daily life.

Our medicine guide is part of the Network of Warmis Arcoiris, a group of more than 1000 women healers who conduct ceremonial trainings and healings for women in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia.
She brings her sacred and ancient wisdom to women to reinvigorate their knowledge of healing, feminine power and womb magic.

We all have these abilities, and for most of us they lay dormant in our bodies, waiting to be resurrected. In this training you will learn to break the barriers that holdyour feminine power in a stagnant damn, and let it flow through your whole physical and energetic body. This training is a step toward reclaiming the power of the Woman on a global scale, shedding the oppression of the past and metamorphosizing into the empowerment of the future.

Please Join us at our sanctuary in remembering and cultivating your innate gifts and magic.

To register or receive more information about this training please message us or email us at [email protected]


Women’s Circle and Healer Training
March 24-26, 2017
We are Red de Warmis Arcoiris, a group of more than 1000 women healers who conduct ceremonial trainings and healings for women in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia.
For the first time we are bringing our wisdom and healing to Costa Rica in the beautiful sanctuary of Posada Natura Retreat Center.
You are invited to learn and remember the wisdom of the sacred medicines of the Peruvian Andes, Amazon, Aimara, India, Native North Americans and Guaraníes.
Each of these medicines carries an ancient memory of beauty and healing that allow us to honor our being and the power of nature in order to better our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
For more information about the women involved, please see our webpage: www.reddewarmisarcoiris.wordpress.com

Thank you, women healers, for your medicine!
*Note: we require at least 13 women to be able to hold space for this training.

Shared Wisdom Schedule:
Friday, March 24: 10am – 5pm
1. Harmonizing our Chakras
Location, Mantras, Colors, Sounds, Painting on canvas, Guided Harmonization with Tibetan Bowls and Quartz Bowl, Harmonization Practice for Chakras.
2. Gemstone Therapy
Welcome ritual, schedules, oracle of crystals, cleaning modes, care, properties, How to use them to heal, group mandala.
3. Cromatherapy (color therapy)
We will learn how to heal and re-harmonize energy points such as:
Caesareans, Surgeries, Scars, Piercing, Tattoos, Vaccines, and Keloids.
4. Dowsing Rods
Introduction to dowsing, cleaning of pendulums, and programming the rods.

Saturday, March 25: 10-5pm
5. Egg Healing
Energy cleaning, physical, anti-stress, headaches, insomnia, falls, scares, Evil Eye.
Interpretation, intuitive reading. Foods that promote egg healing.
6. Feminine Fitoterapia
We will learn about the cure of ailments in women such as cysts, myoma, and cancer with medicinal plants from Peruvian Andes, Amazon, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia. We will also cover plants good for menstrual regulation and contraceptives.
7. Women’s Circle
How to open a circle and guiding principles to hold throughout ceremony:
Teaching the Ayni in the self sustainable circles.
Construction in Community of the Altar of Chakana.
Books that can guide you.
Icarus corners of different cultures.
Flowering Ceremony with Yacumama.
Mother Water

Sunday, March 26: 9am - 5pm
8. Lunar Chakan Willka Warmi (sacred woman) Oracle
Teachings of Andean Cosmovision:
How it helps us to understand our lunar cycle according to the natural rhythm of time.
Family planning
Rituals of each lunar phase
The Powers of the Willka Warmi (sacred woman)
We will discuss important Runa Simi (Quechuan) phrases
9. Offering and Integration
Elements we can use to integrate these teachings into our daily lives:
Table of Health, Work, Money, Love.
Circle of Prayer with Mama Coca.

Included in our training:
* You will receive all of the teachings from this course via email
* 1 Lunar Oracle Chakana Willka Warmi
* The flowering with Pure Waters of the Andes with Còndor pen.
* 1 Chumpi kuychi (Rainbow Belt)
* Condor Pen Lineage, for Women who want to open their Circles and be part of our Rainbow Warmis Network

Participating women should bring:
Floral essences
Aromatherapy for harmonizations
Chromotherapy sticks (not mandatory, but useful)
1 Pendulum of Wood or Crystal
1 pair of scissors
1 transparent glass
1 organic egg
Your offerings (seeds, medicines what your heart feels)
Paint brushes

Your Medicine Guide:
Danitza–Pillpintu Sonqo Kuychi
Ayacucho- Culture Wari – 1st Era Andean Empire of Peru
Friend of the heart, Mother
Therapist in Bioenergetic Medicine graduated from the School of Training of Complementary Therapies ¨Runa Wasi”. Therapies include floral therapy, Wuachuma ceremony and embroidery
Master craftswoman in the ancient art of Peruvian embroidery
Apprenticed with the Q'eros- Last Incas
Facilitates training of Curanderas and Women’s Circle Guides in Peru- Ecuador- Colombia- Brazil- Bolivia
Co-creator of:
Circles of Female Awakening - Rainbow Warmis Network
Seeker of Vision - Montaña Peña Blanca Piura
Lunar Oracle Chakana Willka Warmi
Initiated in Tetha Healing I and Reiki in Brazil
Initiated as a Moon Mother by Miranda Gray-England
Spiritual Guide at the WarInka Medicine Center located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

We express gratitude for your contribution, a physical abundance! Know that everything will be returned to you and multiplied in the name of Pachamama. Your contribution helps us to self sustain our Medicine Center, WarInka.

Londres, Costa Rica

, Londres, Costa Rica

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