Transformation: Unveil Your Inner Teacher with Samrat Dasgupta

Transformation: Unveil Your Inner Teacher with Samrat Dasgupta

Transformation: Unveil Your Inner Teacher with Samrat Dasgupta

Pure Yoga Langham Place

Saturday, 1 April 2017, 07:00

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TRANSFORMATION: The aim of this course is to elevate the existing level of one's yoga practice by exploring a completely new juncture and learning the perspective of a teacher's vision – the hidden teacher inside us!

This training is not about merely changing yourself, it is also about embracing newfound knowledge and embedding new habits into your daily lives. This course is designed for aspiring students and teachers who are seeking a path of personal transformation and lifting this to a new level.

The 200-hour programme is about learning through practice and strongly adheres to an experiential approach to learning. The programme involves developing discipline through practices and rituals – to discover a deeper understanding of who you are to find your dharma (righteous conduct) through yoga and its influence on your spiritual development as a lifetime journey and carrying it towards transforming others’ lives. This programme is demanding, both emotionally and physically. It is purposely spread over 1.5 months during the weekends and holidays – which will give students time to assimilate the information, their weaknesses & strengths, and adapt to the necessary changes through revisions and embed the newfound knowledge in their daily lives.

At the end of the programme, students will walk away with a strong foundation in the philosophy of yoga, skills in adjusting postures, an ability to articulate instructions clearly, and the confidence to always uplift themselves and inspire others through their knowledge and teachings.

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