Public Talk on Understanding Our Mind and Emotions by Lina Öberg

Public Talk on Understanding Our Mind and Emotions by Lina Öberg

Public Talk on Understanding Our Mind and Emotions by Lina Öberg

The Violet Flame KL

Saturday, 25 March 2017, 10:00

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Emotional well-being is related to mental health concerns such as stress, depression, and anxiety. This in turn can contribute to a lot of issues, both at the workplace and at home, which may manifest in low-performance, being unmotivated, lack of focus, and overall negativity. On the other hand, positive emotional well-being is seen to contribute to an upward spiral in increased coping ability, self-esteem, individual performance and productivity, and general happiness in life.

This is why it is pertinent that we ask ourselves these questions:
Why is it important to understand the mind and emotions?
Why do we act and react the way we do?
What are emotions and feelings for?
Do we know how to handle emotions and feelings?
Are there bad emotions and feelings?
What are the results of not handling emotions effectively?
Can anyone assist in the process of emotional healing?

There are times when we may experience some of these symptoms:
• Feeling unhappy • Confused • Relationship breakdown • Depression • Stress • Shopping too much
• Eating too much • Phobias • Insomnia • Anxiety • Feeling lost • Worry • Panic attack

All of the above, and more, are related to not being able to handle emotions properly and effectively. We may not know exactly what those general emotions are, or how to deal with them, but we are still seeing the negative effects. Eating too much, shopping too much, being angry or depressed, all of these behaviours are just symptoms of stress and emotional issues.

There are times when we may experience these symptoms:
• Having very little energy • Easily fall ill • Prone to pain, stiffness, and aches in the body
• Easily agitated or upset when someone “pushes your button” • Stuck-ness • Disconnectedness

All these are symptoms that indicates that we may have energy blockages and distortions in our bio-magnetic field that may come from stress and emotional issues. Our bodies are emitting subtle bio-electric magnetic waves in our biofield. In the study of Biofield Tuning, it is found that different emotions and different pathologies have different frequency signatures. In fact all this information is stored in the biofield in a tree ring pattern. Through life we have experienced many instances that may have produced pockets of energy blockages, which then caused distortions in our bio-magnetic field. This in turn will cause depletion of energy throughout our body, which may manifest as the symptoms listed above.

If you can recognize yourself experiencing any of the above, you may have emotional issues that are calling out to be resolved.

Our Emotional Therapist, Lina, will be able to guide you to understand your bodily and emotional stress, and what needs to be done. In the one-on-one Emotional Therapy sessions, Lina will guide you through the steps of dealing with these types of emotional issues. In the Biofield Tuning sessions, Lina uses sound waves and frequencies to read and harmonize the flow of the body’s vibrational energy to restore balance.
By combining both modalities of Emotional Therapy and Biofield Tuning, you will get the best of what these therapeutic methods have to offer. You will be surprised at how fast this process is, and how much of a difference it can make in your life.

The key to happiness is a balanced life.

Details of Program
This is a public talk- it is a free preview talk with demonstration.
Date and Time: 25 Mar 2017 (Saturday) and 10 am to 1130 am

Do call us at +60322829868 or Whatsapp us at +60129868346 or email us at [email protected] to make reservation. Slots are limited and are given on a first come, first served basis.

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