Lash U Lashes Training Workshop - Seven Hills Bronze & Silver

Lash U Lashes Training Workshop - Seven Hills Bronze & Silver

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Lash U Lashes Training Workshop - Seven Hills Bronze & Silver

Salon First Seven Hills

Monday, 14 August 2017, 09:30

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'Want to earn $100 an hour? Become a Trained and Qualified Eyelash Technician'

Having trained over five thousand Beauty Therapists in the authentic art of Eye Lash Extensions, Lash U Lashes is one of the largest Eyelash Extension training companies in Australia. Lash U Lashes is the only Company who has been recognised by Service Skills under the Acreddited Right Way Australia Program to offer Qualified Eyelash Extension Training Nationwide, with the highest quality of products, exceptional customer service and personal support!

At Lash U Lashes we are committed to creating exceptional training packages, customized for your business needs to capture the booming market in Eyelash Extensions.

About Eyelash Extensions!

Eyelash Extensions are fast becoming a favorite salon treatment with increasingly popular demand amongst the public.
The process involves semi-permanent Nylon or Silk fiber grafted to a natural eyelash.
Each Eyelash Extension is grafted to a single natural eyelash, giving you a flattering and luscious yet natural look!

Why is this procedure becoming one of the most popular services for salon owners?

Because the lash line accentuates the eyes, creating a flattering & beautiful look, it is a pain free procedure that gives clients immediate results as clients walk out of the salon. These results can last for 4-6 weeks, and can be maintained long term without causing damage to the natural eyelashes.

There is a very high demand in expertly trained Lash Artists who will keep high integrity in the beauty industry; salon owners are currently charging Full sets at $120 to $250 and $45 to $60 for refills.
It is a highly lucrative course for beauty therapists all our Kits are exceptional value for clients, to create a healthy income stream.

All of our educators are captivating presenters and experienced professionals operating successful Salons!
Each of our educators are Qualified in Diploma of Beauty Therapy and hold a current Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Our Customized Training packages are available tailored to suit your client's specific needs- for students, professionals, Salon staff or teachers:

2 Session Training Course $590 pp

Session One Bronze Classic Class
9:30am-4:30pm (8Hours)
FREE $150 Training Kit
$110 Gift Voucher to redeem on the Professional Kit
Course Structure:

Start: 9:30am
Lunch at Midday
Finish: 4:30pm

Models Required at 12:30pm.

Lash U Lashes Bronze Classic Class includes:

• Theory & In-depth Practical
• 4 Hours of Lash Applications
• 3 Lash Treatments
• 2 Removal Services

Bronze Classic Class is a Starter Entry Level towards becoming an Qualified Eyelash Extension Technician, in this Full Day of Training (8 Hours) you will learn Foundational Product Knowledge, Eyelash Grafting Techniques, Foundational Lash Theory, Client Care Consult and Hygiene and Safety.

Free $150 Training kit includes:
Professional Glue
500 lashes which can 'treat' around 2-3 clients,
Eye Gel Patches
Glue Ring
Pink Air Blower
Puff case
Jade stone
Mascara wands
Training lashes
Note Pad

Session Two Silver Master Class

9:30am-3:00pm (6Hours)
FREE $150 Training Kit
$55 Gift Voucher to redeem on the Eyebrow Extension Kit.
BONUS $110 Voucher to Redeem off the Platinum Quallified Assessment.

Silver Classic Master Class is the next step towards becoming an Qualified Eyelash Extension Technician! Be trained in the latest techniques such as; Eyebrow Extensions, Bottom Lashes, Cluster Lashes, Fashion Lashes and Infill techniques!

If you or your model is receiving lashes please ask them to refrain from wearing make-up including concealer, eye shadow, or mascara. Please choose a suitable model that adheres to the following requirements:

Does not have sensitive eyes
Is not allergic to latex.
Does not have eyelash extensions on
Is not pregnant
Has not had a reaction to eyelash extensions
Can lie down for long periods of time

Please inform your model that she will be required to lie down for 2-3 hours

Lash U Lashes Certificate (upon successful completion.)
To receive your certificate we ask participants to send eight before & after photos of their work to be submitted for assessment. The photos must be submitted to the Host Store and Lash U Lashes will assess your work!
Lash U Lashes will issue certificates at HQ and send them to the store that hosted training.
Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive certificates.

Please note: a minimum of 4 students is required in order for each class to run. Payment is requierd in full upon booking to secure your place. A refund or an alternate date will be organised should the class not run. An enrollment form must be completed and returned to Lash U Lashes a minimum of 5 days prior to class.

Contact Us:

Salon First
12/35 Foundry Rd, Seven Hills NSW 2147
(02) 9620 7866

Lash U Lashes
1300 236 195
Email: [email protected]

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Salon First Seven Hills

, Sydney, Australia

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