Jeju Island Travel Incentive

Jeju Island Travel Incentive

Event Details

Jeju Island Travel Incentive

Jeju Island, South Korea

Sunday, 14 January 2018, 06:00

Event Description

Lifestyles Philippines International Travel Incentive: Jeju Island Korea!!

Two (2) ways to QUALIFY for this incentive:
1. Get promoted to NMD, IMD, or GMD pin level
2. Achieve ED6QLPL 4 times within the incentive period

3. Qualifiers must have passports valid until July 2018 onwards
4. Failure to submit valid passport on or before August 15, 2017 may result in disqualification for this incentive
5. Each Lifestyles Distributor may only qualify for this incentive once. (No multiple trips will be awarded, i.e for 8 times ED6QLPL, or 4 times ED6QLPL+ NMD Promotion, NMD+IMD Promotion, etc.)

Event Place

Jeju Island, South Korea

제주도, Jeju, South Korea

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