Isao Sudo in Nagoya

Isao Sudo in Nagoya

Isao Sudo in Nagoya


Friday, 22 September 2017, 23:00

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【DUBFIRE主宰SCI+TECよりIsao Sudo a.k.a SUDOがNew Venue ENCOREに登場】

Deep Dishとしても有名であり、テクノ最重要レーベルのひとつである"SCI+TEC"主宰のDUBFIREの目に留まった日本人は数少ない
Isao Sudoはその栄光を受けた数少ない日本人アーティストのうちの一人だ

15年6月には同レーベルから"MONOGRAM EP"のリリースが決定
これを機にイビサをはじめとした世界中のトップクラブでSUDOのサウンドがヘヴィープレイされるきっかけとなり、Dubfireは一年以上の異例ともいえる期間彼らのヒット曲”Invisible Space”をプレイし続けた

数年の昼夜を問わない音楽制作とパーティーでのデモ曲のプロモーション活動に明け暮れるなかIsao Sudoはその活動拠点をベルリンに移すこととなる

今回はそのIsao Sudoの凱旋帰国での名古屋公演としてこのENCOREにて行われる
加えて本公演のようなDance Music Partyのような形態では初開催となる為、名古屋の新しいMeeting Pointにとの期待は大きい

- Isao Sudo in Nagoya -

DATE : 9/22 (FRI)
OPEN : 23:00
DOOR : ¥3,000 + 1D

Isao Sudo a.k.a SUDO (SCI+TEC)
Kento Kumazaki

[From SCI+TEC, led by DUBFIRE, Isao Sudo a.k.a SUDO is coming to NEW VENUE ENCORE.]

DUBFIRE leads "SCI+TEC”, which is one of the most important techno labels and he is also well known as Deep Dish.

There are few Japanese who have attracted DUBFIRE’s attention.

Isao Sudo is one of the few Japanese artists who has got glory of attracting the eyes of DUBFIRE.

“SCI+TEC” decided to release “MONOGRAM EP” on Jun.2015 and since then,

the world leading musicians such as ibiza have started to play SUDO’s sound very often.

DUBFIRE kept on playing their hit”Invisible Space” for over one year, an unprecedented long period.

While devoting himself to making his music day and night and demo promotion at parties for several years, Isao Sudo moved his base of operations to Berlin.

As a part of his Nagoya performance, given after his successful abroad, this performance will be held at ENCORE in Nagoya.

ENCORE has luxurious atmosphere, where the sound can be most effective because of its minimality.

In addition to that, this performance is highly expected to become a new Meeting Point in Nagoya, as it’s the first performance in the style of Dance Music Party.


※Must be 20 or over to enter. Also,sandals are not accepted in any case. Thank you for your cooperation.



東桜1-3-8, 461-0005 Nagoya-shi, Japan

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