Full Moon Ritual - Seven Hills NSW

Full Moon Ritual - Seven Hills NSW

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Full Moon Ritual - Seven Hills NSW

Full Moon Mound Seven Hills

Thursday, 11 May 2017, 20:30

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The circles are all about promoting greater understanding in the community about what Witches do in their circles. By championing these circles, PAN helps to show both the local and abroad community what Paganism is all about. These circles also provide a safe and friendly networking environment for those wishing to make contact with other like minded people in the Pagan community.

How do we manage to do this each month? PAN's full moon circles are covered by the association’s public liability insurance as one of its public events and run by a dedicated team of volunteers. The Full Moon Circles are self funding. Tools for the circles including lanterns and food come from the donations made at each circle. Without the incorporated association and its insurance, as well as the participants support, PAN's public circles would cease.

What goes on at the circles? It varies from month to month, but rest assured that you will never be asked to do anything you don't want to. Participation is purely optional and you may respectfully watch from outside the circle if you do not wish to join in. Our circles, although reasonably tradition non-specific, include basic circle casting, meditation, group energy work and the all important sharing of food and drink.

Who can come? Anyone! We only ask that you respect others and enter with an open mind.

Once you have been along to a few Full Moons you might want to consider the training that PAN provides to people who wish to learn to host a public full moon circle themselves (only currently available in Sydney).

All levels of expertise are welcome from the most nervous beginner to the experienced practitioner. The training is free to members and $5 to non-members (to cover printing costs for the notes.)

The workshop focuses on the particulars of the basic ritual that PAN uses, the logistics and legalities of running a public ritual, the guidelines for creating special rituals for PAN (so they are not all the same) as well as circle casting, energy and ritual skills.

Participants can come back at a later date and do a practical walkthrough of the ritual and receive the OK to host circles. Participants who do so may then choose to join the subcommitee and help become part of the amazing team that run the circles on a regular basis.

The workshop is designed to help participants master the basics of public ritual hosting. Ritual hosts are then free to bring their own traditions, skills and flair to any rituals they present, showcasing the unique diversity of our community.

The workshops are run over one whole day on a Saturday (or Sunday by request).

The workshop is announced at the end of each month's circle and are run depending on numbers.

It is not all hard work, there is heaps of support and there is a lot you can learn even if you do not wish to join the subcommittee.

Members of the subcommittee also get to network with lots of different groups, covens and groves around Sydney that volunteer to present rituals on the hill, assisting them with the practical stuff and providing support.

This is a great way to learn new skills and get involved in the local community. If you think that you could spare some time and want to do something positive with it contact us using the details below.

Sydney Full Moons
Contact: The Sydney Full Moon Team

Event Place

Full Moon Mound Seven Hills

, Seven Hills, Australia

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