Ninth Annual International Cosplay Day

Ninth Annual International Cosplay Day

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Ninth Annual International Cosplay Day

Norman Landscape Central Park

Saturday, 18 August 2018, 10:00

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I wanted to take the time to address the future of Cosplay Day and dive into various aspects of running this event.

The permits and other additional fees are essentially handled behind the scenes but mostly out of pocket in order to obtain the location. The staff and I would also take the time to work things out with the Cosplay Contest and just try to make the overall event presentable and run smoothly as possible.

We don't ask for funds or anything (unless offered), but regardless we aim to run an event that's safe and enjoyable for you guys from start to finish; that in itself is all I ever wanted and why I continued Cosplay Day. The event was initially supposed to be killed off back in 2011, but I decided to continue it when no one else wanted to take charge, from there I appointed others to help out and make all this possible.

While it's okay to have your opinions and criticisms about how the event should be ran (or how it sucks), do understand that it's alot to take in and some times all of that can really weigh a person down. Alot of things are out of my control, life can be really hectic on my end (since I'm pursuing a difficult career that can be mentally demanding), and I just work with whatever the department gives me after planning things out with them for quite some time.

I do realize that the location for this year's event (Eighth Annual) was out of most (if not all) of our comfort zones, but once again I had to work with whatever the department had given me; it was either we run the event or undergo a hiatus. The latter I wasn't going to let happen, but I ran it regardless. It just lowkey bothered me when there were a bunch of close minded thoughts about how one event over lapped with another; that is out of my control and I'm just following a date that I *feel* works best with most folks (most importantly those who attend college out of state and dorm, I take you guys into consideration).

I wanted to make it clear that, you guys make the event possible; the attendees make it what it is today and ya'll kept me going for years.

I'm just hoping things will be better next year.

See you all soon.

- Hayate.

Event Place

Norman Landscape Central Park

, New York, United States

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