Hangzhou Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM) Certification...

Hangzhou Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM) Certification...

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Hangzhou Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM) Certification...

Zhejiang, China

Monday, 25 September 2017, 09:00

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Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM)

This four-day CCSM course is hosted by Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium. The course will cover the latest and advanced topics in Customer Service (CS) Management that enable the participants to increase their awareness and knowledge of the latest development of CS in terms of technology as well as management concept, including CRM, Operations, Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Performance In addition, participants will learn techniques on data preparation and presentation to management for extensive CS performance reporting and equip themselves with a comprehensive understanding of auditing techniques to ensure CS Quality Standards (CSQS) are effectively implemented.

Hangzhou September 25-28, 2017 (Mandarin)

Fee: FREE for Corporate Member, RMB 13,000 for non-member, including Lunch, Training manual and Service charge

For formal registration, please download the registration form and email back to us at [email protected]


Featuring international facilitator:

Jason Chu- Founding Chairman, Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC)

Judging Panel and Organizing Committee Member, Customer Relationship Excellence Awards

About your expert course facilitator

Mr. Jason Chu is the Founding Chairman of Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC), the judging panel and organizing committee of the international Customer Relationship Excellence Awards (CRE Awards).

Jason collaborates with industry experts and major university researchers to consult and research on key aspects of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. Jointly with researchers in the University of Hong Kong and the members of APCSC and HKCSC. Mr. Chu has led the consortium effort in developing the Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) in setting international standards and world class framework for service organizations. He is the pioneer of innovative customer service research including eSurvey on Internet Banking, Securities and Travel Services, Best-in-Class (BIC) CRM Service enchmarking in Asia Pacific, Customer Satisfaction and Aspiration Survey and other international standards in Asia, Australia, China and the United States.

Mr. Chu is the Industry Visionary to build a Global Certification with international bodies in the USA, Australia, China and other countries for the Customer Service and Support Industry to develop professionalism and career development for the customer service industry, recently the Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM), Certificate in Service Excellence Leadership (CSEL) and Certificate in Professional Customer Service (CPCS) recognized by the Continuous Education Fund (CEF) by Hong Kong SAR Government.

He received his BS and MS degrees in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a speaker of high demand at conferences and workshops to senior executives on developing customer focused organizations and building Customer Relationship Excellence Strategy and customer loyalty.
Benefits of attending this training:

Develop appropriate plans to integrate Service Center within the organization
Elevate customer care and professionalism at the Service Center and exceeding customer expectations through KPI Measurement
Share knowledge through Peer-to-Peer consulting opportunities and exercises to gain more insights and visions towards CS excellence
Improve customer loyalty and enhancing customer satisfaction by linking performance measures to customer satisfaction
Provide techniques on data preparation and presentation to management for extensive CS performance reporting
Understand and Apply auditing techniques used in CS and contact centers and to ensure CSQS are effectively implemented
Achieve internationally endorsed and recognized Certificate in CS Management, bringing higher prospect to career development

Essential Topics

Service Center Analysis
Quality Assurance
CSQS /Site Audit
Process Improvement
Problem Solving
Best-in-Class CRM Benchmarking
CS Statistics and Numbers
Knowledge Management

Strategic Partner to Business
World-Class Service Excellence
Managing Operation Excellence
Managing CRM
Managing Customer Satisfaction
Managing Technology
Managing People & Performance
Managing Finance
Managing Strategic Business Unit

Day 1

Session One

World-Class Customer Service Center

Understand the Contribution of the Customer Service Center
Customer Contact Matrix
Know how to develop a framework for creating a world-class Customer Service Excellence Organization
Learn the different customer styles and Develop effective communication strategy andbest practices
Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies
Supply – Demand Ratio for Services

Session Two

Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) and Site Audit

Understand the Customer Service Quality Standard framework
Conducting CSQSself assessment and apply to your service organizations
Implementing and integrating the Balanced Scorecards System to improve performance management
The latest Customer Relationship Excellence Best Practices when most are still learning from mistakes
Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies

Session Three

Customer Service Center Analysis

Best use of different quality and analysis tools
Conduct purpose & process & analysis on customer behavior
Different customer expectations and market competition to develop contingency matrix
Perform Departmental goals & service processes analysis
Improve Customer Experience and service processes map
Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies

Session Four

Process Improvement & Problem Solving

Business processesand workflow improvement
Monitor your service processes
Identify barriers and opportunities to develop best practices
Apply various problem solving methods.
Master effective root cause analysis and CSQS problem solving
Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies

“Flow between slides + booklet was good. Knowledge management is the most valuable topic to me. Instructor has in depth knowledge and experience on all areas. It made me would like to have more time!!”

James Davison, Head of Operations Strategic Projects Office, AIA Bhd

Day 2

Session Five

Quality Assurance

Importance of Quality Standards
QA concepts, definitions and goals
Learn how to conduct a successful Mystery Shopping Survey
Understand the common problems and root cause of QA
Develop effective QA strategy and programs for success
Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies

Session Six

Best-in-Class CRM Benchmarking

The BICBenchmarking methodology
Common misunderstandings of benchmarking
Formulate a benchmarking program for your company
Avoid the pitfalls of benchmarking

Session Seven

Customer Service Statistics & Numbers

Various types of graphs and charts used to communicate customer service center data
Types of customer service data that are captured for statistical purposes
Various components of writing an effective reports
Learn how to communicate effectively
Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies

Session Eight

Knowledge Management

Evolution of Knowledge Management
Gain an appreciation of Knowledge Value
Categorize knowledge types
Relationship between information and knowledge
Best practices for Developing KM and learning culture
Knowledge Management Measurements
Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies

Session Nine

Planning Customer Satisfaction Research on Service Center

“Overall framing is good, specially for new call centre managers. The instructor was well presented. The course is recommended to customer service managers.”

Mohamed Azleem, Assistant Manager, Dhiraagu, Maldives

“People management is the most valuable topic. More sharing on best practices would be better.”

Sharon Cheok, Senior Manager, Client Services, Manulife (S) Pte Ltd

Day 3

Session Nine

Managing Operations

w Difference between reactive and pro-active Service Centers

w Management style and impact

w Maximize potential in your working environment

w Different company culture and how to deal with them

w Corporate culture, SLA and SLM

w Staffing models and workforce management

w Staffing Model Exercise and Practical Case Studies

Session Ten

Managing Customer Satisfaction

w Myths of customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty and the relationship to business results

w Determine Satisfaction & Performance Attributes that matters

w Customer Satisfaction Improvement Initiatives

w Develop effective customer attitude change initiatives

w New model of complaint handling to improve customer relations

w Satisfaction Survey Exercise and Practical Case Studies

Session Eleven

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

w The Return On Investment of CRM and Loyalty

w Concept of CRM and the challenges

w Measure Customer Success and Performance

w Develop robust CRM Stages and customer segmentation

w Seven critical steps for successful CRM project management

w Loyalty marketing programs

w CRM Project Exercises and Practical Case Studies

Session Twelve

Managing Technology

w Value proposition of CRM Technology

w Today’s CRM and Contact Center technology

w Develop and Use Technology/Vendor assessment form

w Different criteria in selecting and managing technologies

w Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies

Day 4

Session Thirteen

Managing People

w Learn the best practices and behavioral analysis for Customer Service Center recruitment

w Develop a hiring strategy and assess the staffing needs

w Develop and train your Contact Center professionals effectively

w Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies

Session Fourteen

Managing Performance

w Importance of performance management

w Different kinds of performance measurement

w Different types of recognitions and rewards that motivate people

w Most important key success factors for continuous staff motivation

w Monitor and coach your staff with progression and discipline

w Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies

Session Fifteen

Managing Finance

w Define the cost, value and revenue of Service/Contact Center

w Quantify your Service/Contact Center costs

w Maintain an accounting system and deliver strategic value

w Leadership Best Practices

w Develop a business model to drive revenue of your services

Session Sixteen

Managing a Business Unit

w Competencies of a World Class Customer Service Manager

w Good provisions for a Contact Center

w Communicate effectively with other departments

w Recognise the difference between managers and leaders

w Market your Service/Contact Center

w Leadership, Career Growth and Managing a Business Unit

w Practical Case Studies from A to A+

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Zhejiang, China

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