Robert Carmichael - Live, Wigtown

Robert Carmichael - Live, Wigtown

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Robert Carmichael - Live, Wigtown

Craft Hotel

Friday, 16 March 2018, 20:30

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Friday 16th March 2018 at Craft Hotel, Wigtown
Despite having performed regularly in public even as a child, I would say that my first serious involvement in music was as a member of ‘Brogy Road.’ For the most part, the line-up was – Brian McGugan on Drums, David ‘Gossie’ Goslan on Guitar, and myself alternating between Keyboards and Bass Guitar. We enjoyed several years as ‘the’ local function band and also enjoyed many great nights with servicemen from the US Navy who had their base at the nearby Holy Loch.

In 1990 I left Brogy Road and formed my own band. Having worked so well together in the past, I kept David Goslan on Lead Guitar and brought in Kevin Campbell on Rhythm Guitar and Saxophone, Paul Walker on Bass, Ricky Robertson on Drums, and myself on Keyboards. We called ourselves ‘Toast.’ Ricky’s time with the band was short-lived and we continued as a four-piece using sequenced or programmed percussion. The new band soon earned a great reputation and once again we found ourselves doing most of the local functions. We also enjoyed several excursions out of town, and among the highlights of my musical career to date must be the gigs we did in Belgium and France. ‘Toast’ both in terms of musicianship and camaraderie brought me great satisfaction and many precious memories.

Throughout my time working in bands, I also worked solo as a Keyboard/Vocalist. Indeed this accounted for the majority of my
Workload, and of course my income.

In 1994, I left ‘Toast’ to embark on what would become the first of
two spells in Tenerife. Altogether I spent three years on ‘The Rock’,
eventually returning to the UK for family reasons. The ‘Tenerife Experience’ was indeed an unforgettable one, and although I had always worked solo in tandem with my band work, it was very satisfying to establish myself as a solo performer in what was a much bigger community of musicians. Again, I have many special memories of my time there and of course had the pleasure of
performing in several great venues. (See slide show)

In 2006, having settled back in Dunoon, it was clear that there was still life in Toast, and we decided to do something together again. This time however the line-up was slightly different - David Goslan on Lead Guitar, Paul Walker on Bass, Kevin Campbell on Drums and myself on Keyboard and Acoustic Guitar. Appropriately, we called ourselves Still Talkin' and formed what was by far the tightest and most enjoyable line-up to date. We enjoyed almost nine great years where we took our music and indeed our reputation to many new and exciting venues.

Sadly, for a variety of reasons, at the end of 2014, I chose to leave the band. It was indeed a difficult decision, but it was time for me to move on. I take with me some special memories of band nights with Still Talkin' and all the good friends and fans we made along the way.

Event Place

Craft Hotel

30 South Main Street, DG8 9HG Wigtown, United Kingdom

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