The Morningside Business Network Margins Class Room

The Morningside Business Network Margins Class Room

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The Morningside Business Network Margins Class Room

Brisbane City Council

Thursday, 14 September 2017, 07:00

Event Description

ClassRoom Meetings are Business education workshops with the focus on helping you become more profitable. You’ll get a workbook on a key topic and learn the best strategies and an action plan to implement!

This Classroom will focus on Margins.

Do you actually know your margins? Are you making money on EVERYTHING you sell, or are you actually losing money with every sale?

This 90 minute workshop will give you strategies on how to identify and stop margin squeeze in your business, with the benefits going straight to your bottom line!! You will get a workbook to map the strategies to your business, giving you a manual to implement improvements in your business when you get back to your place of work

Interested in finding our more? Grab a Free Guest Pass (from the tickets section) and join us... You’ll find friendly motivated business owners who want to get ahead and believe in the power of helping each other to get there... If you own a business you should totally be here! See you soon...

Event Place

Brisbane City Council

Bulimba Library Oxford Street and Riding Road, 4171 Bulimba, Australia

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